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Data Mining with STATISTICA

Toby Barrus

Delay in next blog post

5th of February, 2014

Hi everyone, My youngest son has been sick this past week so my wife and I have not gotten much sleep.  Consequently I have not been able to put in the time necessary to get out a good blog post.  I still want to test the capabilities of the in place database capabilities of STATISTICA […]

STATISTICA vs. Rapid Miner on a Big Data Problem

4th of January, 2014

I acquired some public mortgage data from for today’s big data challenge between STATISTICA and Rapid Miner.  If you would like to duplicate this challenge on your own computer, flat files can be obtained from the following link: You will see three headings on this web page:  TS & MSA Info, LAR, and […]

Multivariate SPC

5th of November, 2013

I would like to continue talking about Statistical Process Control, but this time I would like to focus on the case where there are multiple correlated metrics being monitored.  Should each of the metrics be monitored separately or would it make more sense to consider them together in a multivariate analysis?  I hope to answer […]

Predictive Quality Control

6th of October, 2013

Today I am shifting gears to a manufacturing data set I was able to acquire.  The information is obscurred so you won’t know where the data came from, but it should still be interesting.  I am attaching the data here for those that would like to duplicate the analysis or dig deeper.  I would be […]