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Predictive Quality Control

6th of October, 2013

Today I am shifting gears to a manufacturing data set I was able to acquire.  The information is obscurred so you won’t know where the data came from, but it should still be interesting.  I am attaching the data here for those that would like to duplicate the analysis or dig deeper.  I would be […]

Predicting Home Prices

22nd of September, 2013

I spent the past few days collecting some housing data near where I live.  I have taken out any identifying information and changed a few of the values, but for the most part this is a real life data set. House Closing Prices Sept 2013_subset3 I used a STATISTICA Data Miner workspace for this data […]

Demand Forecasting

24th of August, 2013

I was able to obtain a data set which describes characteristics of 184 gas stations.  I eliminated many of the variables because I do not know what they describe.  Of the variables that remain, the main ones of interest are related to marketing campaigns.  I also included demographic information.  I want to see if the demand […]

Text Mining PubMed XML with STATISTICA

9th of June, 2013

Introduction The main idea behind automated document classification is emulating a human expert.  I performed a search on “migraine genetics” in the last blog.  In Tutorial V of Practical Text Mining by Gary Miner et al, some expert classifications are given for the same PubMed search.  Practical Text Mining is a great book and I recommend […]