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Predictive Quality Control Summary

29th of March, 2014

Okay so I lied!  There will be another predictive quality control blog post.  I decided there needed to be one more post that summarized everything I have presented over the last few months concerning predictive quality control.  I created a Power Point Presentation and recorded a you tube video.  As always, I would be interested […]

Boosted Trees for Predictive Quality Control

18th of March, 2014

I would like to start off by congratulating StatSoft on the recent results for the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Advanced Analytics: In the last blog I revisited the quality control method I had first talked about back on October 6, 2013.  I would like to wrap things up by talking briefly about the use […]

Multivariate SPC

5th of November, 2013

I would like to continue talking about Statistical Process Control, but this time I would like to focus on the case where there are multiple correlated metrics being monitored.  Should each of the metrics be monitored separately or would it make more sense to consider them together in a multivariate analysis?  I hope to answer […]