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What got me here?

20th of November, 2016

I attended a screening of Most Likely to Succeed this past Tuesday at a local high school.  I left the film indifferent.  I wasn’t inspired by the film, but I didn’t hate it either.  The main idea for the film is how education is outdated and shows a school called High Tech High which is trying […]

Delay in next blog post

5th of February, 2014

Hi everyone, My youngest son has been sick this past week so my wife and I have not gotten much sleep.  Consequently I have not been able to put in the time necessary to get out a good blog post.  I still want to test the capabilities of the in place database capabilities of STATISTICA […]

STATISTICA vs. Rapid Miner on a Big Data Problem

4th of January, 2014

I acquired some public mortgage data from for today’s big data challenge between STATISTICA and Rapid Miner.  If you would like to duplicate this challenge on your own computer, flat files can be obtained from the following link: You will see three headings on this web page:  TS & MSA Info, LAR, and […]

Technical Indicators

11th of August, 2013

Looking over the formulas for technical indicators, I decided I would use an R package called quantmod to create the historical data set for Yahoo.  Why recreate the wheel?  The technical indicators of interest for this project were RSI, Bollinger Bands, Stochastics, and MACD.  I won’t define these technical indicator terms here.  I used these […]

Delay and question

19th of June, 2013

Sorry.  I intended to get a quick follow-up post this week, but things haven’t worked out.  I promise a great post next Monday. 🙂  One question I wanted to pose in the meantime:  Is anyone interested in text mining a RSS feed?  Let me know and I can get this on my schedule.