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R Integration with STATISTICA: Heat Maps

20th of November, 2013

Today I am going to graph some data from the current NBA season using a heat map.  Heat maps are not a standard graph in STATISTICA so we need to use the R Integration functionality to extend the capability to create a heat map.  This first requires R to be installed on your computer.  You will also need to have the latest maintenance release of STATISTICA (V12AUPD008).  Once these conditions are met, when you launch STATISTICA you will be prompted if you would like to integrate R into STATISTICA.  When you click Yes, the COMadaptR package will automatically be installed and R integration is complete.


At this point all you need to do is create an R script and open it in STATISTICA and it will be recognized as an SVB macro.  Here is the NBA data and the R script if you would like to duplicate the analysis.   Note that you will need to save the R script text file with a .R extension for it to work.



The following You Tube video explains the process of creating the heat map.


Please feel free to post a comment or question below.  I hope to have another exciting post in two weeks. 🙂


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