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Regular Expressions in STATISTICA

9th of February, 2014

I have been working the last two weeks in my free time on implementing Regular Expressions(regex) in STATISTICA.  If you are not familiar with regex, they can be very useful to search through text strings and pull out relevant information you want for data mining.  For instance I could have a string that looks like […]

Importing Open Source Data in XML format using Yahoo Query Language

6th of July, 2013

I am excited to share an open source of interesting data.  The data set discussed today can be accessed using Yahoo Query Language (YQL) and the XML import techniques I have been talking about recently.  The first step is to create a url that will capture the data.  This can be done on the YQL […]

Automated Document Classification of PubMed XML

22nd of June, 2013

I have produced a video to show how to tie together the things I have been talking about in the past posts.  This is done by recording a STATISTICA Visual Basic (SVB) macro while performing the following tasks.  First you will see how to deploy new documents using an existing text mining project.  Next you […]

Importing PubMed XML into STATISTICA

27th of May, 2013

Here is a shout out to all of our veterans for this great country of the United States of America.  I appreciate your sacrifice in my behalf to protect my freedom.  I cannot express in words my gratitude for your service.  I hope we all will take a few moments to reflect on the true […]